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The JX960 series structural insulated panels or polyurethane sandwich panels are prefabricated structural panels that can be quick-connected with cam lock jointing system. This range of insulated building panels consists of two outer facing and an inner insulation core. The core is made of self-extinguishing polyurethane by high pressure injection techniques.

Our structural insulated panels feature modularity and a complete range of accessories, which allows for an easy assembling with camlocks to meet the demand of both simple and complicated project. Moreover, our PU sandwich panel can be extended for future needs, and they are ideal insulated wall panels and insulated roof panels for the construction a large number of cold rooms. If you are looking for quality cold room panels, then our structural insulated panels are the perfect choice.

Manufacturing Standards
Our structural insulated panels with PU core are manufactured in strict conformation with GB/ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems, GB/T ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and GB/T28001:2001 Health and Safety Management System.

This range of insulated metal panels also meets the standard of Harmonised Standard GB 8624-2006 B-s3,d0,t2 (Thermal insulation products for buildings- Factory made products of polyurethane foam (PF)- Specification).

Technical Specifications of Structural Insulated Panels with Cam Lock Joints
Length: 0.2m - 8.5m
Width: 0.96m
Insulation layer / PU core thickness: 50mm - 200mm. For customized PU core thickness, please contact with your local distributor or contact with one of our insulation panel experts directly.

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  • JNFM-N Insulated Interior Wall Panels The precoated steel skins provide the insulated interior wall panel with great decorative effect, and also make the structural insulated panel waterproof, fireproof, and airtight. Thus, this series is also commonly used as shower wall panels and kitchen wall panels as well as decorative wall panels.