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  • SIPs with Tongue and Groove JointDue to the special joint geometry, the structural insulated panel can achieve the necessary degree of sealing, and makes it a great tongue and groove paneling for cold storage applications without additional components.
  • SIPs with Cam Lock JointOur structural insulated panels feature modularity and a complete range of accessories, which allows for an easy assembling with camlocks to meet the demand of both simple and complicated project.

Our structural insulated panels are composite panels made up of a rigid polyurethane core sandwiched between two facings. They feature two sides facing with different plates during manufacture.

Standard Facing of Structural Insulated Panels
The standard facing of these PU sandwich panels is steel plates coated with gray white colored coating. Available coating types are given below:

Polyester resin coating: The polyester resin paint is applicable for food process purposes, which makes our structural insulated panels ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

PVDF coating: The PVDF facing makes our SIPs panels perfect for indoor and outdoor places where there are high risks of corrosion.

Plastisol coating: This coating provides high elasticity and very good corrosion resistance. Structural insulated panels are with plastisol coating are especially suitable for interior use, for instance, used as insulated wall panels or insulated roof panels.

The facing panels are available in different designs, including micro-rib, high-rib, and smooth surface types.

Optional Facing of Structural Insulated Panels
Optional facings for our structural insulating panels include the galvanized steel sheets and stainless steel sheets.

All types of surface panels are hygienic, long lasting, easy for cleaning, and maintenance free. Also, they are protected with film for removal at the construction site.

Manufacturing Standards
Our structural insulated panels are manufactured in accordance with GB/ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems, GB/T ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and GB/T28001:2001 Health and Safety Management System.

These insulated sandwich panels also conform to the Harmonised Standard GB 8624-2006 B-s3,d0,t2 (Thermal insulation products for buildings- Factory made products of polyurethane foam (PF)- Specification).

Thermal conductivity: 0.023 W/m.K
Density of insulation layer: 40±2 kg/m³

Fireproof Performance
Our structural insulated panels with PU core meet the following standard, and thus they are classified as Low Risk Building Material according to the related technical standards in China.
GB 8624-2006 B-s3, d0, t2

Other Products
  • JVFM-V Flat Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsOur exterior insulated wall panels are structural insulated panels that are composed of a polyurethane insulation layer sandwiched between two layers of precoated steel plate. The outer skins for the insulated wall panel are designed with completely smooth surfaces, so as to make the wall panel system simple and elegant.
  • JNFM-H Micro-rib Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsIn order to make sure all your needs can be met quickly, we have exterior insulated wall panels with different specifications available from stock. To illustrate, the total thickness of the PU sandwich panel ranges from 50 to 150mm, and the width is available from 500 to 1000mm.