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The PU sandwich panel is a kind of polyurethane structural insulated panel. It employs polyurethane foam as the core material and galvalume or galvanized steel plate as the outer skin. It is a kind of new type environment friendly and energy-saving composite building material.

Applications of PU Sandwich Panel with Galvanized Steel Skin
Our polyurethane sandwich panel is widely used as in the construction of cold-chain logistic center, supermarket, food processing plant, biological medicine factory, hotel, airport storage, academic institution, and other industrial plants. In addition, the insulated metal panel is also applicable for the wall and roof construction for residences and public buildings.

The PU sandwich panel in the thickness of 75, 100, 150, and 180 mm is produced with single tongue-and-groove joint, whilst 200mm composite panel is available in both single and double tongue-and-groove joint. The panel width can be 900-1120mm.

Technical Parameters of PU Sandwich Panel with Galvanized Steel Skin
Thickness (mm) Temperature Difference Inside and Outside Cold Room (℃) Max. Height (m*) Max. Length (m**) Applicable Cold Room Temperature (℃)
75 40 4.5 3.8 -5-25
100 50 5.0 4.5 -15-25
150 70 6.0 6.5 -25-25
180 80 6.5 7.1 -35-25
200 90 7.0 7.6 -50-25

Note: The data above is based on the heat flux of 8-10W/m2.

*: The maximum height for PU sandwich panel is calculated with internal-external pressure difference and shrinkage stress. The wind load is not taken into consideration. A steel wall beam shall be installed for over-length polyurethane structural insulated panels or for the circumstance with wind load.

**: Based on internal-external pressure difference and shrinkage stress, the maximum length is obtained with little consideration on wind load. A steel hanging beam is suggested for over-length PU sandwich panel or for the circumstance with wind load.

Manufacturing Standards
JBT206527-2006: Thermal insulation sandwich panel for prefab cold store
GB8624-2006: Classification for burning behavior of building materials and products

PU Sandwich Panel Installation
Due to superior thermal insulation performance, our range of polyurethane structural insulated panels is widely used as insulated wall panel, insulated roof panel, etc. to construct cold rooms. The following is a list of important reminders for the installation of PU sandwich panel when it is used as the cold room panel.
1. The alignment and positioning shall be conducted based on the design drawings. Accurate and clear mark shall be made for precise installation.
2. The installation should start from the corner of the cold room. In addition, all panel joint shall be uniformly glued.
3. It is highly suggested the installation for the roof panel and the wall panel shall be conducted, alternatively.
4. For the cold room with long span, each of the top panel shall be fixed to the beam with pop rivet, in case the support steel beam is already installed.
5. The installation of the hook shall be completed before the accomplishment of top panel construction, ensuring the suspension point and the PU sandwich panel for cold room are installed, simultaneously.
6. To eliminate air leakage, it is recommended to seal the butt joint carefully.
7. In case punching is required on the PU sandwich panel, the alignment and positioning shall be conducted based on drawing. Re-check is demanded to avoid inaccuracy.
8. Immediately filling the hole with sealant or foaming material to avoid cool air leakage.

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