JNFM-Y High-rib Exterior Insulated Wall Panels

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JNFM-Y High-rib Exterior Insulated Wall Panels

Our high-rib exterior insulated wall panels feature a wider, wavy shape ribs on the surface. Built with precoated steel plates and a polyurethane core, this range of structural insulated panels is provided with great thermal insulation performance and good impact resistance. Thus, the JNFM-Y series exterior insulated wall panel is an energy efficient and durable wall panel system solution.

With PVDF, HDP, SMP, PE or other coating on the outer side, and SMP or PE coating in the inner side, our insulated wall panels could have a beautiful appearance as well as an increased corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Hence, if you are looking for exterior wall panels to build an energy efficient building, then this type of PU sandwich panel is the ideal wall panel for you.

Technical Specifications of JNFM-Y High-rib Exterior Insulated Wall Panels
ModelNameExterior Steel PlateInner Steel PlateWall Panel Thickness (mm)Wall PanelWidth (mm)
JNFM-YThickness: 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7mmThickness: 0.4/0.5/0.6mm50/60/75/80/100/120/150500~1000
Coating: PVDF/HDP/SMP/PECoating: SMP/PE
Thickness mm Thermal Conductivity(k)
P=kg/m2 60 80 100 120 150
60 0.25 L= 3.90 3.72 3.33 3.04
80 0.19 L= 4.71 4.45 4.06 3.61
100 0.14 L= 5.52 4.95 4.45 4.06
120 0.12 L= 6.37 5.65 4.95 4.45

As an expert in insulated panels, we can also supply insulated metal wall panels for interior use, insulated roof panels, and more. Contact us now if you have any PU sandwich panel demand.

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