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  • JVFM-V Flat Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsOur exterior insulated wall panels are structural insulated panels that are composed of a polyurethane insulation layer sandwiched between two layers of precoated steel plate. The outer skins for the insulated wall panel are designed with completely smooth surfaces, so as to make the wall panel system simple and elegant.
  • JNFM-H Micro-rib Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsIn order to make sure all your needs can be met quickly, we have exterior insulated wall panels with different specifications available from stock. To illustrate, the total thickness of the PU sandwich panel ranges from 50 to 150mm, and the width is available from 500 to 1000mm.
  • JNFM-Y High-rib Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsWith PVDF, HDP, SMP, PE or other coating on the outer side, and SMP or PE coating in the inner side, our insulated wall panels could have a beautiful appearance as well as an increased corrosion resistance and weather resistance.
  • JNFM-W Insulated Roof PanelsAs a kind of PU sandwich panel, our insulated roof panels feature high impact resistance and wind resistance thanks to the high strength precoated steel plates. The polyurethane insulation core makes the product an ideal roofing material for construction of energy efficient buildings.
  • JNFM-N Insulated Interior Wall Panels The precoated steel skins provide the insulated interior wall panel with great decorative effect, and also make the structural insulated panel waterproof, fireproof, and airtight. Thus, this series is also commonly used as shower wall panels and kitchen wall panels as well as decorative wall panels.

This page mainly introduces our PU sandwich panel which is typically used as insulated wall panels or insulated roof panels. As its name indicates, this range of structural insulated panels employs rigid polyurethane foam as the insulation material, and two layers of precoated steel plate are adopted as the outer skin.

The special structure, coupled with superior quality raw materials, provides the PU sandwich panel with many advantages, such as good heat insulation, great water resistance, and high decoration performance. Thus, our PU sandwich panels are widely used as architectural panels for the construction public buildings, commercial buildings, industrial plants, and logistics warehouses.

To suit individual demands, these PU sandwich panels are prefabricated in our factory, and are available in a great number of styles and specifications. If you need prefab insulated panels, then this range of polyurethane sandwich panel is the optimum choice.

SINOSPAN is the brand name for our structural insulated panels. As an insulated metal panels specialist in China, we can produce not only PU sandwich panels but also mineral wool sandwich panels. These composite panels can be used as wall paneling, roofing panels, cold room panels, and more. If you have any demand on insulated sandwich panels, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Heat Insulation Performance of PU Sandwich Panel
Our range of structural insulated panels comes with outstanding thermal insulation performance. While being used as insulated wall and roof panels, the polyurethane sandwich panel can help users save a lot in air conditioning system operation cost.
Thermal conductivity ≤ 0.020W/(m • k)
Closed pore volume ≥ 95%
Heating cost saving: up to 40%

Fireproof Performance of PU Sandwich Panel
Our structural insulated panels achieves grade B in international GB8624-2006 Standard;
Operation temperature: -96 ℃ to +120 ℃;
Oxygen index ≥ 32 (Non-combustible in the air; self-extinguishes while leaving from the fire source);
Bond strength: 0.13Mpa (National standard: 0.09Mpa);
Bonded area: 91.3% (National standard: 85%);
The high bonding strength can effectively improve the fireproof performance of SIP wall panels and SIP roof panels.

Sound Insulation of PU Sandwich Panel
Soundproof coefficient R ≥ 30dB (Similar products ≥ 25dB).

Surface Flatness
While being used as architectural panels, our range of polyurethane structural insulated panels features excellent flatness and levelness, and the surface error is only 0.4mm/1000mm.

During the production of PU sandwich panel, the preheating temperature can reach 70 ℃, thus the curing quality for these sandwich panels is guaranteed.

In order to ensure enough curing time, we are outfitted with production lines that come with 36m long preheating unit (the longest in China).

Additionally, we have the best panel cooling system in China, which allows all polyurethane SIPs to be completely cooled before stacking.

All these above ensure great flatness and levelness of our structural insulated panels.

Waterproof & Airproof Performances
The great sealing mechanism provides our PU sandwich panel with good water tightness and air tightness. This also provides good thermal insulation. Our insulated wall panels and roof panels achieves airtight level 4 and watertight level 5 of national GB/T15227-2007 standards.

Light Weight and Low Cost
Our polyurethane insulated architectural panels feature a light weight and easy installation. Therefore, the installation cost is greatly reduced.

High Strength
With high strength and loading capacity, our PU sandwich panel could meet demand of the compression strength in buildings.

The core material for our structural insulated panel contains an appropriate amount of flame retardant, while no formaldehyde is used to ensure environmental friendliness. Therefore, our PU sandwich panel has few side effects on human health. In addition, our polyurethane SIPs could effectively prevent microbial from growing. Meanwhile, the energy consumption can also be decreased significantly.

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  • JNRW-H Flat Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsThe JNRW-H series insulated wall panels are exterior wall panels crafted with smooth surfaces. The flat and smooth surface provides a neat appearance for buildings and also makes the wall panel system easy for cleaning.
  • JNRW-V Micro-rib Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsTo meet varied construction demands, we can supply exterior insulated wall panels with thickness options of 50mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm. The minimum panel width can be 600mm, while maximum width can reach 1000mm.