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The JNRW-H series insulated wall panels are exterior wall panels crafted with smooth surfaces. The flat and smooth surface provides a neat appearance for buildings and also makes the wall panel system easy for cleaning.

Our insulated wall panels are engineered from structural insulated panels which come with a layer of rock wool insulation and two layers of precoated steel plate. Due to great thermal insulation performance, they are often applied as cold room panels for cold storage and freezing applications.

The total thickness and the steel plate thickness of the insulated wall panel are customizable within a specific range. This makes sure our wall paneling can match up with the varied application needs during the construction of industrial buildings, commercial buildings, and especially energy efficient buildings.

Technical Specifications of JNRW-H Flat Exterior Insulated Wall Panel
ModelNameExterior Steel PlateInner Steel PlateWall Panel Thickness (mm)Wall PanelWidth (mm)
JNRM-HThickness: 0.5~0.8mmThickness: 0.4~0.6mm50/75/80/100/120/150600~1000
Coating: PVDF/HDP/SMP/PECoating: SMP/PE
Thickness mm U-value (k) w/(m2*k)
P=kg/m2 60 80 100 120 150
50 0.75 L= 2.7 2.15 1.75 1.55
80 0.5 L= 3.8 3.33 2.75 2.35
100 0.4 L= 4.3 3.65 3.30 2.90
120 0.33 L= 4.6 3.85 3.55 3.15
150 0.27 L= 4.84 3.99 3.74 3.34

In addition to our exterior insulated wall panels with flat surface, we at Jingxue also offer insulated metal wall panels which use ribbed panels as the outer skin. As a rock wool sandwich panel specialist in China, we can satisfy every of your insulated architectural panel demands.

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