Insulated Self Closing Door

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Insulated Self Closing Door

The same as our hinged insulated door, the insulated self closing door is also a kind of insulated metal door which is often used for cold storage and freezing applications. The only difference from the insulated hinged door is that the insulated self closing door can be closed by itself automatically. Additionally, it is designed a hydraulic cylinder to guarantee controlled closure.

Our insulated self closing door is used in areas where the temperature is below -45 centigrade. With a special thermal bonding bar in the doorframe and doorsill, the insulated door could effectively prevent freezing in the seal.

As an insulated door manufacturer in China, we can make different styles of doors such as the hinged door, self closing door, double entry door, and sliding door. All these doors are mainly made using structural insulated panel, and are often applied as the freezer door or cold room door in supermarkets, food processing factories, and more.

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  • Insulated Manual Sliding DoorOur insulated manual sliding door consists of a door leaf filled with an 80 to 150mm thick polyurethane foam. Widely used in places where temperature is as low as -45 centigrade, this insulated metal door could effectively prevent the freezing in the seal thanks to its specialized thermal bonding bar in the doorframe and doorsill.
  • Insulated Automatic Sliding DoorThe build-in electromagnetic clutch allows the sliding insulated door to be either electrically or manually operated. While reducing potential damages to automatic sliding doors, these designs also extend the service life of the electric motor and the motor reducer.