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Our insulated manual sliding door consists of a door leaf filled with an 80 to 150mm thick polyurethane foam. Widely used in places where temperature is as low as -45 centigrade, this insulated metal door could effectively prevent the freezing in the seal thanks to its specialized thermal bonding bar in the doorframe and doorsill.

Applications of the Insulated Manual Sliding Door
Our insulated manual sliding door is widely used in supermarkets, warehouses, retail stores, pharmaceutical industry and food processing industry. If you need high performance freezer door, cold room door, etc., then our sliding insulated door is the great choice. As a specialized insulated industrial door manufacturer in China, we can satisfy every of your door demands for cold storage and freezing applications.

Construction of the Insulated Manual Sliding Door
Door skin surface

For proven thermal insulation performance, the door leaf of this range of insulated door is mainly crafted from structural insulated panel which typically uses galvanized steel sheet as the outer skin. To suit clients' demands, the door skin can be coated with grey white colored polyester paint.
Optionally, the door skin can be stainless steel to enhance corrosion resistance.
To protect the insulated manual sliding door during transportation, the door skin surfaces are protected with film which is suggested to be removed on the construction site.

Sliding door track system
1. The special sliding door track system makes the insulated metal door fall downward and hold down into the doorframe during closing, thus ensuring safety.
2. Designed with hand levels on both sides of the manual sliding door, the door can be conveniently and effortlessly operated with only one hand.
3. Sinodoors® sliding insulated doors are reliable, durable, tight sealing, easy-to-install and varies in a wide spectrum of styles.

Door Frame of the insulated manual sliding door
1. In terms of the door frame, it is stiffened with reinforced corrosive-resistant steel. The same as the door leaf, it uses the polyurethane foam as the insulation material.
2. The sliding door frame is clad to match up with the design of door leaf.
3. The insulated sliding door is designed with a 220V heating conduit on the door frame to avoid freezing, and an over-heating protection thermostat to ensure safety.

Door Leaf of the insulated manual sliding door
1. The door leaf comes with thickness from 80mm to 120mm.
2. Engineered from structural insulated panels, it consists of metal panel facings and a polyurethane foam core, as well as an all-round, replaceable high-elasticity rubber seal.
3. Without cold bridges, our door leaf can also be used with or without a doorsill.
4. A thermal bonding bar is used with our door leaf as well.

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