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Automatic Sliding Door Operator
Our insulated automatic sliding door features a worm-and-gear system and synchronous belt drive. The build-in electromagnetic clutch allows the sliding insulated door to be either electrically or manually operated. While reducing potential damages to automatic sliding doors, these designs also extend the service life of the electric motor and the motor reducer.

Electric Cabinet
This range of insulated automatic sliding doors is equipped with Schneider electric cabinet. Thus, the safety and practicability of electronic control system is guaranteed. These durable electrical elements reduce the maintenance cost, and the PLC control system makes the operation of the automatic slide door much easier.

Jingxue is a trusted insulated steel door manufacturer and supplier based in China. In addition to insulated automatic sliding doors, we can also supply many other styles of insulated doors to serve as the freezer door, cold storage door, and more. If you have any related demand, please contact with one of our insulated metal door experts directly.

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