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Insulated Swing Door

Aware of the needs in food industry and related industrial sectors, we have also designed and produced the insulated swing door which is conductive to the fast and effective communication among workers in different workshops.

Design Options
As an industrial swing door specialist, we offer insulated swing doors with a width from 800mm to 2500mm and height from 1800mm up to 2500mm. According to client-side demands, the swinging door can be designed with or without a window. Both single and double swing doors are available.

1. Our insulated swing door can be opened maximum 90 degrees in both directions, and closed by gravity.
2. The insulated door is mainly composed of a 40mm thick polyurethane insulation core, and stainless steel door skins to enhance corrosion resistance. Due to this design, it is also called an insulated steel door.
3. The swinging door is easy for cleaning because of the smooth door skin.
4. A personal or fort-lift passage is available.
5. The insulated swing door is optionally designed with a kick plate to provide added protection.

This side hinged swing door is reliable, durable, tight sealed, and easy-to-install. To suit individual application demands, we also provide a lot of other styles of insulated door in addition to the swing type, side hinged insulated door.

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  • Insulated Double DoorThe insulated double door is a double entry door with great thermal insulation performance. It can be used where a large opening is need while sliding doors can not be installed. Our insulated double doors are designed with exactly the same seal as our sliding insulated doors.
  • Insulated Hinged DoorThis range of hinged door is a kind of insulated door available with a door leaf which is filled with 80 to 150mm thick polyurethane foam for thermal insulation purpose. It is applicable for areas with temperature as low as -45 centigrade.