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Insulated Double Door

The insulated double door is a double entry door with great thermal insulation performance. It can be used where a large opening is need while sliding doors can not be installed. Our insulated double doors are designed with exactly the same seal as our sliding insulated doors.

Door Frame
1. The door frame of our insulated double doors mainly consists of non-corrosive steel surfaces and a polyurethane insulation layer.
2. The door frame is clad, so as to match up with the design of the door leaf which is engineered from structural insulated panel.
3. In addition to a thermostat for overheating protection, the frame of the insulated double leaf door is also available with a heating conduit that supports 220V power supply.

Door Leaf
1. As the name indicates, our insulated double doors come with two leaves, and door leaf thickness ranges from 80mm to 120mm.
2. The door leaf is composed of two metal panel facings, and the polyurethane is injection into the space between the two facings to serve as the insulation material. High elasticity rubber seals are available for tight sealing, and they are replaceable to ensure consistent good sealing performance of the insulated metal door.
3. The insulated door leaf can be used with or without a doorsill.
4. According to client-side demands, our insulated double doors can be designed with a glass window on the door leaf.

Surface Material
The insulated double door is available with different types of door skin surface material. One is the galvanized thin sheet coated with grey white colored polyester paint, and the other is the stainless steel sheet which offers enhanced corrosion resistance.
To ensure the integrity of door skin during transportation, all our insulated double doors are available with a protective film that is supposed to be removed right before the installation.

Double Door Hardware
1. Our range of double leaf, side hinged insulated door is available with a high quality safety lock, and it is allowed to be opened from both sides.
2. Simple non-corrosive steel hinges are employed to provide the insulated industrial door with high durability and smooth operation.
3. With a hydraulic cylinder, the door operator guarantees controlled door closure.

As an expert in industrial insulated doors, we are proud that all of our insulated double doors, hinged doors, etc. are reliable, durable, tight sealed and easy to install. Contact us now if you have any related demand.

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  • Insulated Hinged DoorThis range of hinged door is a kind of insulated door available with a door leaf which is filled with 80 to 150mm thick polyurethane foam for thermal insulation purpose. It is applicable for areas with temperature as low as -45 centigrade.
  • Insulated Self Closing DoorThe only difference from the insulated hinged door is that the insulated self closing door can be closed by itself automatically. Additionally, it is designed a hydraulic cylinder to guarantee controlled closure.