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  • Insulated Hinged DoorThis range of hinged door is a kind of insulated door available with a door leaf which is filled with 80 to 150mm thick polyurethane foam for thermal insulation purpose. It is applicable for areas with temperature as low as -45 centigrade.
  • Insulated Self Closing DoorThe only difference from the insulated hinged door is that the insulated self closing door can be closed by itself automatically. Additionally, it is designed a hydraulic cylinder to guarantee controlled closure.
  • Insulated Manual Sliding DoorOur insulated manual sliding door consists of a door leaf filled with an 80 to 150mm thick polyurethane foam. Widely used in places where temperature is as low as -45 centigrade, this insulated metal door could effectively prevent the freezing in the seal thanks to its specialized thermal bonding bar in the doorframe and doorsill.
  • Insulated Automatic Sliding DoorThe build-in electromagnetic clutch allows the sliding insulated door to be either electrically or manually operated. While reducing potential damages to automatic sliding doors, these designs also extend the service life of the electric motor and the motor reducer.
  • Insulated Swing DoorOur insulated swing door can be opened maximum 90 degrees in both directions, and closed by gravity.
    The insulated door is mainly composed of a 40mm thick polyurethane insulation core, and stainless steel door skins to enhance corrosion resistance. Due to this design, it is also called an insulated steel door.
  • Insulated Double DoorThe insulated double door is a double entry door with great thermal insulation performance. It can be used where a large opening is need while sliding doors can not be installed. Our insulated double doors are designed with exactly the same seal as our sliding insulated doors.

Sinodoor® insulated doors are mainly used as cold room doors and freezer doors. They are especially designed for freezer rooms, cold storage rooms and related industries such as food preparation, food storage, and more. Engineered from structural insulated panels, these insulated doors are available with excellent thermal insulation and sealing. Thus the air outside will not influence the inside room.

Our insulated door uses high quality polyurethane as the insulation material. Therefore, the thermal conductivity of our product is much lower than ordinary metal doors.

While delivering aesthetical design, our cold storage doors and freezer doors are also available in variety of styles, including hinged door, self closing door, manual sliding door, automatic sliding door, swing door and double door. You can choose the best model to meet your needs.

As a cold room solutions provider, we can supply not only insulated doors for cold storage and freezing applications, but also other types of cold room parts including cold room panels and air door system. Please browse our website or contact us directly for more details.

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