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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The SINO-DHL hydraulic lift with double cylinder is generally used for cargo loading and unloading. In case there is height difference between the truck and the floor, our product can regulate the height difference by building a follow-up slope, whose height is adjustable based on the loading conditions of the truck.

This material handling equipment greatly reduces the workload, because the forklift can be used for loading and unloading cargos directly through the slop constructed. The double-cylinder hydraulic lift is well received by virtue of the following features.

1. Easy Operation
Operation on the control button is required to have the platform rise to the highest point. The lapping board will land on the truck for goods loading, subsequently. The hydraulic lift will return to the normal position upon the completion of task through one-button operation.

2. Multiple Safety Function
This range of lifting equipment is quite safe during operation. In case the truck slides suddenly, the pressure sensor will detect the sudden change to inform the emergency stop valve to stop the platform movement. The double cylinder can afford the weight of the forklift and the cargo, to avoid accident occurrence.

In addition, the iron stopper for the hydraulic lift is optional to avoid truck sliding. The guard plate can effectively prevent the toe from pinching. Besides, the forklift and the cargo can be well protected, also.

3. Arc Platform
The arc platform makes sure stable height adjustment. Conforming to EN1398 standard, the platform and the elongating board are fully hydraulically controlled.

4. Double Cylinder
There are two cylinders designed at the left and right side of the hydraulic lift, ensuring optimal stability and balance during operation. In addition to the wide adjustment range, the cylinder is provided in inverted design, eliminating the invalidation of the urgent hydraulic valve caused by blocking.

5. Corrugated Steel Plates with Lath and Lentil Form
The platform surface, front lapping board and the framework are all made of high strength anti-slide corrugated steel plates with lath and lentil form. So, the forklift can drive on and off the platform safely.

6. Fully Enclosed Main Frame
To obtain optimal sturdiness during transportation, installation and utilization, the main frame of the automatic lifting tool is engineered in fully enclosed structure. The front bottom side rail is produced from 16# box iron.

7. I Beam
As mentioned above, our hydraulic lift is engineered with double cylinders; therefore, it is possible to distribute the 10 I beams (width>1950) uniformly, ensuring the equal distribution of the stress from the platform. Our product has longer service life, compared with the device with L or △ type stiffener, or 6 I beams.

8. Unique Follow-up Design
With the employment of the follow-up design, the automatic lifter can adjust the lift height and direction according that of the truck. The lapping board can regulate up and down within the range of 100mm, to compensation the left and right height difference of the wagon box.

9. Hydraulic System Imported from Germany
Our product employs the hydraulic system imported from Germany to ensure the stable performance and low failure rate. An emergency braking device is included, also.

10. Emergency Braking Device
Under the circumstance that the truck departs from the lift platform (abnormal working state), and the forklift and cargo are on the platform, the braking valve built in the hydraulic cylinder will brake emergently when detecting the sudden gravity variation. To guarantee the safety of the operator, cargo and the truck, the hydraulic lift will lock automatically after descending for 2cm. No other lock or support is required.

Note: for the utilization lower than horizontal plane, the security support makes no difference.

11. Emergency Stopping Push Button
Our hydraulic lift can be stopped by pressing the emergency stopping push button on the control box for abnormal situation.

12. Unique Duckbilled Thickened Lapping Board
The lapping board is designed with 5-7° arc at the front end, effectively avoiding forklift bumping during operation. As shown in the picture, the loading and unloading is conducted smoothly and continuously. The horizontal anti-slide design ensures the safe operation.

The tube welded loose-leaf structure increases the contact area, guaranteeing uniform stress distribution and reasonable force transmission. So, our hydraulic lift is more sturdy and durable for use.

13. Other Related Information
Rated Bearing Capacity: Dynamic load: 6 tons
Static load:12.2 tons (Conforming to EN1398 standard)
Working Range: ±300mm (Angle for safe use: 12.5%)
Power Supply: 380V±10%, 50Hz, 0.75kW
Standard Color: RAL5007 Blue
Standard Height: 600
1. A pair of large-scale high quality bumper in the size of 100×W250×500, or 100mm×250mm×500mm (D×W×L) designed in stacked structure with
reinforced fibre.
2. An U-shape jackstay for easy maintenance.
3. Lapping board is optional

Trapezoid lapping board Sectional lapping board
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