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The AC model air curtain is one of our most popular types of air door for industrial purposes. The air stream produced by the air curtain could effectively resist the flow-through forces caused by air temperature differences. This is why our industrial air curtains can significantly reduce the air exchange between the cold room and outside.

While greatly diminishing air infiltration, the industrial air barrier system also supports mixing the air at the interface between room air and the air curtain's air stream.

The AC model air curtain can be used between two freezers without requiring any heat. Also, it is often applied for open doorways between cooler and cooler, as well as cooler and the ambient.

To suit clients architectural design demands, we can supply air curtain in stainless steel or powder coated finishes.

Jingxue is a dedicated industrial door solutions provider based in China. In addition to high quality industrial air curtains, we can also supply other industrial insulated doors for freezers and cold rooms.

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