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The DCAV model air curtain is made up of two industrial air barrier systems. The two independent industrial air curtains are placed together and are designed to work with each other in harmony. Because of the design, an air vestibule is created between the two air streams where the air is captured and treated to a non-frost, non-fog state.

For optimized performance, this range of air curtain supports automatic adjustment when the condition changes. This ensures effective reduction of energy consumption.

In addition to above, this model of air curtain also has following advantages when it is used for freezers, cold rooms, etc.
1. The air door could effectively eliminate safety hazards in the cold room.
2. It can also reduce the maintenance cost, coil defrosting burden and refrigeration loss.
3. The productivity of warehouse can be increased, while the refrigeration cycle can be improved to provide more efficiency.
4. Moreover, no frost, fog or icing will be on stored products.

If you are looking for air curtains for freezers, cold stores, as well as other industrial doorways and entrances, please feel free to contact us. As an experienced air curtain designer and manufacturer in China, we can supply different styles of industrial air doors to suit your demands.

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