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Our 3CAV model of air curtain is designed for use between two spaces with high temperature differences and very high traffic load. With almost the same frost elimination cycle as the DCAV air door, this range of industrial air curtain offers an additional air vestibule to improve efficiency and to increase its applicable temperature range.

Features of 3CAV Air Curtain
1. With eleven feet width, the air curtain is a great industrial door solution for wide open doorways and entrances. It eliminates the demand for sliding door or strip curtain.
2. While preventing occurring of frost, fog and icing, the industrial air barrier product makes sure there is no haze within freezers, cold stores, etc. Thus, the safety hazards are eliminated, and there is no frost on stored products, either. The burden for coil defrosting is also reduced.
3. The great performance minimizes maintenance cost.
4. The refrigeration loss is maximally reduced, and the refrigeration cycle efficiency is improved, as the air curtain effectively prevents air exchange between inside and outside.
5. Creating an unobstructed passage for workers to move about, the industrial air barrier system greatly increases the warehouse productivity.
6. Existing frost is sublimated.

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