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Our hybrid air curtain is an energy efficient industrial door solution by combining industrial air door and industrial insulated door together. It is created to achieve the next level of efficiency by adding our AC or CAC model air curtain to existing industrial doors.

This range of air curtain is optimum for high-traffic industrial entrances where ice and infiltration are a challenge. While assuring that the opening remains accessible for workflow, it can also be closed to maximally reduce air infiltration and energy consumption.

Model AC and CAC with Double Entry or Sliding Insulated Doors
1. When AC or CAC model air curtain is used in combination with thermal insulated bi-parting or single sliding door, the industrial air barrier system will maximize the energy efficiency as it can dramatically reduce air exchange between spaces with high temperature difference.
2. Also, the hybrid air curtain has the function of significantly reducing moisture infiltration.
3. AC or CAC model air door can be retrofitted to match up with the design of existing insulated door.
4. Additional air barrier products can be added so as to deliver maximized energy efficiency.

Hybrid air doors working with other types of cold storage doors are available as well. We welcome you to choose.

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