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All our range of air curtain can be added with strip curtains to achieve greater efficiency in the conditioning process.

ECAV Air Curtain with Strip Curtain
The ECAC model air door is made up of two fast-acting strip doors and it is ideal for light and medium traffic freezers as well as high humidity situations.

ASSD Air Curtain with Strip Curtain
The ASSD model of air curtain is a motorized strip curtain door. Actuated by motion detectors, the strip curtain can be easily adjusted to suit traffic speed. This range of industrial air barrier system is recommended for doorways subjected to infiltration due to temperature differences.
1. The air curtain can be mounted either inside the doorway or within the door jamb.
2. Fully lapped strips offers a high effectiveness up to 95%.
3. These clear plastic strips are much more durable than push-through strips.
4. In addition to negative pressure applications, the strip curtain door can also be used between two freezers without the demand for any heat.

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