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  • AC Air CurtainThe air stream produced by the air curtain could effectively resist the flow-through forces caused by air temperature differences. This is why our industrial air curtains can significantly reduce the air exchange between the cold room and outside.
  • DCAV Air CurtainThe DCAV model air curtain is made up of two industrial air barrier systems. The two independent industrial air curtains are placed together and are designed to work with each other in harmony.
  • 3CAV Air CurtainOur 3CAV model of air curtain is designed for use between two spaces with high temperature differences and very high traffic load. With almost the same frost elimination cycle as the DCAV air door, this range of industrial air curtain offers an additional air vestibule to improve efficiency and to increase its applicable temperature range.
  • Hybrid Air CurtainOur hybrid air curtain is an energy efficient industrial door solution by combining industrial air door and industrial insulated door together. It is created to achieve the next level of efficiency by adding our AC or CAC model air curtain to existing industrial doors
  • ECAV, ASSD Air CurtainAll our range of air curtain can be added with strip curtains to achieve greater efficiency in the conditioning process.
    The ECAC model air door is made up of two fast-acting strip doors and it is ideal for light and medium traffic freezers as well as high humidity situations.

What is an air curtain?
An air curtain is also called an air door. It is an industrial door solution created to provide an invisible air barrier over the doorway, so as to keep conditioned air inside while keeping unconditioned air, pests and pollutants outside.

As an industrial air door solutions provider, we can offer different models of air curtain for the management of your workplace environment, and these products are often found in refrigerated warehouses, food processing plants, as well as grocery and food distribution centers.

Our range of industrial air curtain allows your workers to move about freely, by creating an unencumbered, wide-open doorway for your freezer rooms or cold storage rooms, while without boasting energy waste. The benefits of the air curtain are dramatic. For instance, it can eliminate the frost and ice at the entrance of cold rooms or large freezers, and it also dramatically increases the productivity or cargo transportation efficiency by removing all obstacles from the passage. It is even the same as adding refrigeration capacity when the air curtain is applied to large freezers with high-traffic or problematic insulated doors.

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  • Dock LevelerThis dock equipment features simple use. Via simply a press button, the dock leveler will automatically rise to the highest, and then unfold the lap plate to be connected with the truck. It can also be reset via the button.