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This range of sectional overhead door is a great industrial door solution, and is often used in warehouses and workshops as well as other industrial workplaces. Because of high durability and reliability, our overhead doors are also widely used as the overhead garage door.

Door Panels of the Sectional Overhead Door
Door panel construction

With the same construction as our polyurethane structural insulated panels, the door panels for the sectional overhead door are made up of a polyurethane foam core and two steel facings.
1. The Freon-free polyurethane foam provides the industrial insulated door with superior thermal insulation performance, and it offers enhanced durability and reliability as it is produced by continuous foam forming lines imported from Germany.
2. The facings for the door panel are 0.5mm thick steel sheet from Baosteel, and they are provided with two layers of PE coating with thickness no less than 28um. Thus, our range of sectional overhead doors comes with great UV resistance and weather resistance, and won't fade within 15 years.
3. The inner PU foam core offers high bonding strength and won't peel off from the steel facings. Also, it features high foam density up to 42kg/m3 at least.
4. For convenient installation of the industrial overhead door, the door panel should be filled with steel strips for easy fixing of hinges and other types of door hardware.
5. The door panel is specially designed to protect your finger from pinching.

Door panel specifications
Size range: 2000mmX1500mm~10000mmX6000mm
Heat transfer coefficient: K≤0.5W/m2℃
Foam density: ≥ 42kg/m3.
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ 90℃
Door panel thickness ≥42mm
Single door panel height: 500mm
Door panel fire rating: B1
Door panel wind load: 50kg/m2 ~ 75kg/m2
(Note: The door panel wind load varies according to the width of the sectional overhead door. When the sectional door width exceeds 5.5m, the wind load can be designed to be larger to ensure the strength of the entire door system. )
Colors: White-grey (RAL9010), light blue (RAL5015) and silver-grey (RAL9006)

Hardware of the Sectional Overhead Door
1. The wheel brackets for our overhead sectional doors are engineered from 4mm thick aluminum alloy. Arc shaped design makes angle adjustment convenient and easy, and also prevents the generation of stress. Aluminum alloy offers better corrosion resistance than galvanized steel, and also makes the wheel bracket suitable for use in extremely low temperatures.
2. The hinges for our sectional overhead doors are made using stainless steel. For extended service life of the industrial door hinges, the hinge-installation places are strengthened by 20G steel plates.

Balancing System of the Sectional Overhead Door
This range of overhead industrial door employs an external torsion spring balancing system. The precision torsion spring guarantees great balance. It allows users to manually lift a 4.0m*4.0m overhead door with a force of at most 220N, when the motor cannot work properly due to temporary power off.

Made of alloy-steel wire 60Si2Mn, the spring also undergoes phosphating treatment, and thus it features low stress and long service time. Exactly speaking, the life cycle of the torsion spring exceeds 30,000 times.

Mechanical Safety Device of the Sectional Overhead Door
This range of sectional door is available with steel wire broken and spring broken protection functions.
These protection functions allow the industrial purpose insulated metal door to stop within 20cm when the steel wire or torsion spring is broken.

Track of the Sectional Overhead Door
The track of our overhead industrial doors consists of a wall track and a wheel track. They are made of 2.0mm thick galvanized steel plate from Baosteel, and the galvanized coating thickness is 200um.

The tracks are formed by advanced forming machine and tube bender, thus the performance of track can be guaranteed and the deviation is reduced. Thanks to the straight and smooth track, our sectional overhead doors can be lifted or lowered down with little noise and shake. In addition, imported spot welder and digital automatic temperature control system also help to ensure the junction is smooth and durable.

Sealing System for the Sectional Overhead Door
In addition to bottom and top seals, the industrial door is also available with seals for both sides and between door panels. All these seals can be conveniently installed by inserting.
1. High quality EPDM rubber seals for the bottom side effectively prevent water invasion. After fixation, the bottom seals tightly cling to the door panel, and also contacts with the ground closely, which ensures good air tightness.
2. The side seals are fixed on the track.
3. The top sealing strip keeps close to the wall when the overhead door is closed.

Electric Motor of the Sectional Overhead Door
The industrial door motor is available with overload protection due to the temperature-sensitive relay.
With lifting, lowering and stopping functions, the control panel allows the door to move in a speed from 170 to 400mm/s.
Thanks to the low voltage push buttons, the door operator system is absolutely safe and of good quality.
Manual chain is also used as an option to operate the door.

Safety Protection Unit of the Sectional Overhead Door
With the safety protection function, the door will be automatically lifted up if it is blocked during closing process, thus avoiding damages to workers or goods.

1. Performance

Our overhead sectional doors support running smoothly in track after installation and examination. The noise is about 50 dB and the air tightness could reach 2.5m3/h when the pressure is 50Pa.

2. Optional design
A window of size 650*320 mm is optional for you to observe the situation outside the workshop. It is made of high transparent double layer acryl, thus it can provide strong toughness and corrosion resistance. A pass door with size of 850*1850 mm is also an option.

Fittings of the Sectional Overhead Door
1. verticle track
2. fixed angle plate for vertical rail
3. H track
4.fixed angle plate for crossrail
5. side sealing
6. axes
7. supporter
8. cable wheel
9. spring
10.spring break proof device
11. spring fasten
12. motor
13. control panel
14. buffer
15. track wheel
16. track wheel supporter
17. top panel
18.window (optional)
19. middle panel
20. hinge
21. bottom panel
22. handle
23. bottom sealing
24. bottom wheel
25. steel cable
26. cable break proof device
27. side sealing
28. top sealing and top beam
29.manual chain
31. pulled angle iron for Horizontal rail

Lifting Mode of the Sectional Overhead Door
The lifting mode varies according to the size and top space of door. We could offer three types of lifting, including standard lifting, high lifting and vertical lifting. The balance in middle is needed for convenient installation and maintenance if high lifting or vertical lifting is used.

Lifting types Height of door head Door frame structure
Standard lifting
High lifting
Vertical lifting

Note: H:door opening height h: door head height L: door opening width
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