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Dock Leveler Dock Leveler

Basic Functions of Dock Leveler
The dock leveler is a kind of commonly seen loading dock equipment. It allows users to load and unload goods from trucks in a more convenient manner.

It forms a slope so as to overcome the height difference between the truck and the dock or the warehouse floor. As we know, the height of a truck can vary within 100mm when loading or unloading goods. Our range of hydraulic dock leveler can also adjust its height accordingly to balance the position deviation.

With the help of the dock leveler, forklift trucks are allowed to travel onto the truck for goods loading and unloading, which maximally improves working efficiency.

Simple Use
This dock equipment features simple use. Via simply a press button, the dock leveler will automatically rise to the highest, and then unfold the lap plate to be connected with the truck. It can also be reset via the button.

Safety Functions of Dock Leveler
As a dedicated loading dock solutions provider in China, we pay the highest attention to the safety of all types of loading dock equipment. Following is a list of the safety protection functions for our dock leveler.
1. The dock leveller will keep still even when the truck slips off from the leveler by accident. This is because of its dual cylinder and emergency stop valve designs.
(1) The leveler is available with a long hydraulic cylinder on each side, so as to ensure maximized balance and stability during operation. When accident happens, or there are forklift trucks or goods on the platform, the dock leveler can effectively prevent side overturn, thus avoiding damages. The dual-cylinder unit can also be used to adjust the height deviation of the left and right side. The up-side-down installation for the cylinders allows fractions to escape away, thus avoiding damages to the valve and cylinder body.
(2) The hydraulic system is imported from Germany and offers high stability. It also increases safety due to its emergency stop function.
2. The loading dock equipment is available with toe protection plates on both sides to prevent pinching the toes.
3. The arc shaped lap plate effectively avoids the blind angle.
4. All our dock levelers are manufactured in strict conformation with EN1398 standard.
5. In addition, there is an Emergency Stop Button on the control box, which allows operators to stop the equipment immediately when suddenness happens. The equipment will restart only after the emergency stop button is reset.

Design Features of Dock Leveler
1. The platform and lap plate as well as the frame are all made of anti-slip embossed steel plate to deliver high strength.
2. With enclosed framework design, the dock leveler features stable structural dimension and won't deform during installation and transportation. The front beam is made from 16# H steel, while the bottom of the leveler is reinforced using 10pcs H steel with width exceeding 1950mm. Such design could make sure the stress is evenly distributed to avoid potential deformation.
3. The lap plate is designed into the duck-mouth shape, and is thickened to offer higher strength and stability during goods loading and unloading. With anti-slip surface design, the lap plate also features a hinge connection to increase the area of contact. Thus our dock leveler could evenly distribute the force to provide a strengthened structure and longer service time.
4. The loading dock equipment is available with a pair of buffer plate made of high quality rubber, which avoids damages caused by collision. The buffer plate size is 100mm*250mm*500mm.

1. Rated loading capacity
Dynamic loading capacity: 6 ton
Max. static loading capacity: 11.2 ton (meeting EN1398 standard)
Dock levelers with custom made loading capacity are available as well.
2. Available working scope: +400mm, -300mm (safe angle ±12.5%)
3. Power supply: 380V, ±10%, 50Hz, 0.75KW
4. Standard color: Blue RAL5007
5. Standard accessory: Our dock levellers are available with a U shaped pole to facilitate maintenance.
6. Standard height: 600mm
7. Standard: 98/37/EU
8. Noise: less than 70dB(A) when working
9. Temperature: -30°C-+60°C
10. Optional lap plate styles:

Tapered style Segment style
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