Dock Shelter

Our dock shelter is designed for environments where there are demands for high sealing between special type trucks and the door opening. As a type of popular loading dock equipment, the dock shelter is also often applied for warehouses, and it mainly serves to offer high heat insulation performance and prevent flies, mosquitoes, dust, and rain water entering into the warehouse.

As an experienced docking solutions provider, we can design and produce two styles of dock shelters for customers to choose from.

Pillow Type Dock Seals and Shelters

Pillow Type Dock Seals and Shelters

Our pillow type dock shelter is composed of three high quality sealing columns. Its surface is made of high density polyester, while the inner is filled with good quality sponge. Yellow guide strip is attached at the front surface of the columns in the left and right side.

Optional designs
To match up with trucks with lower height, the dock shelter can be optionally designed with an additional top curtain. Also optional are yellow colored, finish-scale style strips to increase rubbing and sealing effect, and protect the sealing columns.
To match up with doors with width over 2500mm, our loading dock seals can be craft with trapezoidal side sealing columns so as to ensure perfect fit with the door width.

Our range of dock shelter can be mounted on a steel structure with liner frame, or a concrete wall. It can not be mounted onto hollow brick walls. It features an easy installation by tapping screws and plug bolts.

Standard width of side columns: 300mm
Standard height of top column: 300mm
Standard thickness: 250mm

Cover Type Dock Seals and Shelters

Cover Type Dock Seals and Shelters

Our cover type dock shelter consists of a front curtain, which is one top curtain and two side curtain, and curtains around. The front curtain is made of double-layer 3.0mm high density polyester fiber with yellow guide strip. While the curtains around is made of 1.0mm high density polyester fiber. The curtains will form a folding wing style sealing when the truck packs in.

The frame of our dock shelter is made of crush-proof galvanized steel and aluminum alloy. Spring is also used to balance the frame.

The same as our pillow type dock shelters, this style of dock equipment can be easily installed onto a steel structure with liner frame or a concrete wall, by tapping screws and plug bolts. Please notice that our loading dock seals are not designed to be installed onto hollow brick walls.

Our dock shelter could seal the truck by its retracted sealing curtain when the truck comes in. The driver should open the backdoor in 270 degrees, fix the door by hooks, and then drive the truck reversely according to the yellow guide strips. When the truck gently hits the platform, the truck will be completely sealed.

The standard size of our product is 3400*3400mm, while the width of side curtain and top curtain are 600mm and 1000mm, respectively. The depth is 600mm.

Inflatable Dock Seals

Inflatable Dock Seals

JX-IS Inflatable Dock Seal offers excellent sealing performance for various size of trucks, commonly used in cold storage rooms and other areas with high demand for air tightness and thermal insulation. When inflatable dock seal is working, the air pump motor blows air into air bags to fill the space between dock and truck. When the whole operation is finished, inflatable dock pads will recover automatically.

1. The frame made of insulated panels delivers excellent thermal performance.
2. Dock seal pad uses durable materials which are inflammable, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to replace.
3. Dock seal can be offered in a single unit or multi units. We deliver a complete set of loading and unloading dock seals including insulated panels and other accessories.

Technical data:
Wall: 50mm insulated panel; white RAL9010
Head: 50mm insulated panel; white RAL9010
Head/wall: white RAL9010
Front panel: white RAL9010
Finish: hot galvanizing with polyester paint
Front protection: black 4mm polyester fiber coating
Fabric: 520g/ m2 PVC polyester fiber on top bag 680g/m2 PVC polyester fiber on side bag
Air pump motor: 230V,1-Phase,50Hz, noise: 65dBA when working
Operation: control panels and other option
Temperature range: 65dBA
Other: Inflatable dock seal can be mounted on the wall or inside the loading room.

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