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Roller Shutter DoorRoller Shutter Door

Our range of roller shutter doors is also known as the roll up door, as it can be rolled up to open it. It is often used as an industrial door or garage door, and is mainly made up of the door curtain, door frame, sealing system, safety protection devices, motor unit, and the control unit.

Door Curtain of the Roller Shutter Door
The door curtain for our industrial roller shutter doors is made of 0.8-1.0mm thick high density polyester fiber. Available colors include yellow, orange, white, blue, and half-transparent yellow.

This rolling door comes with a transparent view window with optional height from1300 to 2100mm, and the view window is typically made of 1.5mm thick PVC material.

Our roller shutter doors are designed with aluminum alloy poles to provide the curtain with great wind load resistance. Generally speaking, the rolling shutter door is able to withstand wind force 8 (Beaufort scale). We can also customize the roller shutter door according to client-side demands on wind load resistance.

For the purpose of matching up with the demands of uneven floor surface, the roll up door is also designed with a reinforced airtight fabric at the bottom of the curtain.

Roller Assembly and Door Frame of the Roller Shutter Door
The roller assembly and the door frame are engineered from 2.0mm thick premium cold rolled steel which is coated by superior quality automotive paint or undergoes powder coating. The motor supporter is crafted from 4.0mm thick steel plates.

Sealing System
The industrial roller door is available with sealing brush inserted into the guide rails on both sides, which helps reduce noise.

Safety Devices of the Roller Shutter Door
1. Photocell safety unit
With a photoelectrical and IR unit, the roller shutter door will be automatically rolled up to the top, if any object blocks the ray during closing. This prevents damages to personnel and objects.

2. Optional air bag safety unit
The photocell unit can also be replaced by an optional air bag that is installed at the bottom of the roll up door. During the closing process, if an object or person touches the air bag, the safety unit will change the motor's direction via the control box, thus rolling up the door.

3. An optional mechanical safety unit is also available.

Motor Unit of the Roller Shutter Door
Our roller shutter doors are equipped with SEW motor imported from Germany. NORD motor is available as an option. Original imported motor reducer enhances reliability.
The motor is designed with temperature sensitive relay to offer overload and overheat protections. A rotary encoder is utilized to offer position limitation function.

Motor power supply: 380V, 50HZ
Motor protection grade: IP55
Motor power: 0.75-1.1KW

Control Unit of the Roller Shutter Door
Our roller shutter doors are available with a PLC control unit. The control box offers roll up, roll down, and stop functions. The low voltage push buttons and Schneider electrical components ensure higher safety. Special PCB control panel is available as an option.
1. Variable frequency control
With a variable frequency control unit, the rolling door offers roll-up and roll-down speed adjustable from 0.6 to 1.2m/s. Soft starting ensures low noise and extended service life. Varying with the roller shutter door size, the input power can be 220V or 380V.

2. Manual operation unit
When the power supply is unavailable, the roller door can be manually opened or closed via the manual swing bar.

3. Automatic door-closing system
This is a standard design for our roll up doors, and the door-closing time is adjustable.

4. Automatic door-opening system
Our roller shutter doors come with different types of opening mode: push button, pull rope, remote control, loop detector, and optional radar mode

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