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Founded in 1988, Changzhou Jingxue Freezing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of structural insulated panels and industrial insulated doors that are in full compliance with B1 and B2 fire resistance specifications. Our range of structural insulated panels is classified into PU sandwich panel and rockwool sandwich panel according to the insulation core material. These insulated metal panels are often fabricated into a great variety of composite building materials, such as insulated wall panels, insulated roof panels, cold room doors, etc. for cold storage and freezing applications. Additionally, we are also a dedicated industrial door solutions provider, and we can provide our valued customers with cold room door, industrial overhead door, roller shutter door, industrial air curtain, and more. Our products are great solutions for the construction of cold storage rooms as well as modern warehouses and workshops.

Main Products
  • SIPs with Tongue and Groove JointDue to the special joint geometry, the structural insulated panel can achieve the necessary degree of sealing, and makes it a great tongue and groove paneling for cold storage applications without additional components.
  • JVFM-V Flat Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsOur exterior insulated wall panels are structural insulated panels that are composed of a polyurethane insulation layer sandwiched between two layers of precoated steel plate. The outer skins for the insulated wall panel are designed with completely smooth surfaces, so as to make the wall panel system simple and elegant.