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Founded in 1988, Changzhou Jingxue Freezing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of structural insulated panels and industrial insulated doors that are in full compliance with B1 and B2 fire resistance specifications. Our range of structural insulated panels is classified into PU sandwich panel and rockwool sandwich panel according to the insulation core material. These insulated metal panels are often fabricated into a great variety of composite building materials, such as insulated wall panels, insulated roof panels, cold room doors, etc. for cold storage and freezing applications. Additionally, we are also a dedicated industrial door solutions provider, and we can provide our valued customers with cold room door, industrial overhead door, roller shutter door, industrial air curtain, and more. Our products are great solutions for the construction of cold storage rooms as well as modern warehouses and workshops.

We established Shanghai Sinospan Freezing Equipment Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary branch, responsible for the design, sales, and marketing of our structural insulated panels. Our company also has offices located in Beijing, Jinan, Kunming, and Taiyuan. In 2006, our company received national recognition and was named as a Technical Reconstruction Company by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

We have a dedicated staff that currently consists of 480 regular employees, 49 engineers, and over 120 installation experts. Our manufacturing facilities covers approximately 45000m² and is outfitted with advanced production equipment such as the high pressure foaming machine, automatic press machine, and automatic steel plate forming machine. These high performance contraptions are imported from Korea, Italy and Germany. Also installed are two highly efficient structural insulated panel production lines brought to us by Puma and Krauss Maffei. To ensure quality, raw materials for our insulated wall panels, insulated roof panels, insulated doors, and other related products are procured from trusted suppliers such as Hunsman USA, Bayer Germany, and the Manshui Taiwan chemical corporation. Our daily output covers 6200m². Trusted everywhere, Jingxue Freezing Equipment is the designated supplier of PU panels for well known brands such as Dalian Sanyo, Qingdao Haier, Tiangel Hussmann, and Linda China.

With over 2 decades of industrial experience, Jingxue Freezing Equipment Company has matured into one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of structural insulated panels and cold room doors. Our equipment offers unique steel pre-treatment that results in exceptional panel strength and excellent adhesive properties. Our PU, PIR and rock wool sandwich panel surfaces can be covered with the anti-slip plywood sheet or plates made from various materials. The selection of plates includes steel, plastic, empaistic aluminum, stainless steel, or Kase fiberglass.

Located within Changzhou city of the Jiangsu Province, our company is merely 250 kilometers from Shanghai Port. With convenient transportation methods at our disposal, we are able to significantly reduce the logistic costs of overseas clients. Our industrial insulated doors and structural insulated panels as well as other products are very well received in Canada, Peru, Pakistan, Singapore, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries and regions.

Development History
In the past 3 years, Jingxue Freezing Equipment has experienced steady growth. Our production capacity drastically increased from 2009 to 2011. As a company that is preparing to go public on the market, our target of annual turnover is 970 million in the next year. Domestically, we have maintained a long-standing leading position with over 40 percent market share in China.

Utilizing correct corporate strategies has largely contributed towards our success. For instance, after making successful bids, our recent acquisitions include the Freezing Design Institute, High-Speed Industry Doors, and the Energy-Saving Environmental Engineering Company.

Jingxue Freezing Equipment is now fully prepared to handle all faucets of design, production, and installation. In order to accommodate increasing business volumes, in 2012 we established new branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, and Chengdu. In March 2013, our company will be published on the small and medium-size enterprises board, with capital issuing scheduled for the June of 2013.

Main Products
  • SIPs with Tongue and Groove JointDue to the special joint geometry, the structural insulated panel can achieve the necessary degree of sealing, and makes it a great tongue and groove paneling for cold storage applications without additional components.
  • JVFM-V Flat Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsOur exterior insulated wall panels are structural insulated panels that are composed of a polyurethane insulation layer sandwiched between two layers of precoated steel plate. The outer skins for the insulated wall panel are designed with completely smooth surfaces, so as to make the wall panel system simple and elegant.