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  • SIPs with Tongue and Groove JointDue to the special joint geometry, the structural insulated panel can achieve the necessary degree of sealing, and makes it a great tongue and groove paneling for cold storage applications without additional components.
  • SIPs with Cam Lock JointOur structural insulated panels feature modularity and a complete range of accessories, which allows for an easy assembling with camlocks to meet the demand of both simple and complicated project.
  • JVFM-V Flat Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsOur exterior insulated wall panels are structural insulated panels that are composed of a polyurethane insulation layer sandwiched between two layers of precoated steel plate. The outer skins for the insulated wall panel are designed with completely smooth surfaces, so as to make the wall panel system simple and elegant.
  • JNFM-H Micro-rib Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsIn order to make sure all your needs can be met quickly, we have exterior insulated wall panels with different specifications available from stock. To illustrate, the total thickness of the PU sandwich panel ranges from 50 to 150mm, and the width is available from 500 to 1000mm.
  • JNFM-Y High-rib Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsWith PVDF, HDP, SMP, PE or other coating on the outer side, and SMP or PE coating in the inner side, our insulated wall panels could have a beautiful appearance as well as an increased corrosion resistance and weather resistance.
  • JNFM-W Insulated Roof PanelsAs a kind of PU sandwich panel, our insulated roof panels feature high impact resistance and wind resistance thanks to the high strength precoated steel plates. The polyurethane insulation core makes the product an ideal roofing material for construction of energy efficient buildings.
  • JNFM-N Insulated Interior Wall Panels The precoated steel skins provide the insulated interior wall panel with great decorative effect, and also make the structural insulated panel waterproof, fireproof, and airtight. Thus, this series is also commonly used as shower wall panels and kitchen wall panels as well as decorative wall panels.
  • JNRW-H Flat Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsThe JNRW-H series insulated wall panels are exterior wall panels crafted with smooth surfaces. The flat and smooth surface provides a neat appearance for buildings and also makes the wall panel system easy for cleaning.
  • JNRW-V Micro-rib Exterior Insulated Wall PanelsTo meet varied construction demands, we can supply exterior insulated wall panels with thickness options of 50mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm. The minimum panel width can be 600mm, while maximum width can reach 1000mm.
  • JNRW-W Insulated Roof PanelsThe JNRW-W range of insulated roof panels is specially designed for the roofing system construction for energy efficient buildings or common buildings to provide effective thermal insulation, fireproof and extreme climate protection.
  • JNRW-N Interior Wall PanelsJNRW-N Interior Wall Panel, featuring excellent fireproof performance, can bear fire for as long as 270 minutes. It has wide indoor applications due to its durability and effectiveness.
  • Insulated Hinged DoorThis range of hinged door is a kind of insulated door available with a door leaf which is filled with 80 to 150mm thick polyurethane foam for thermal insulation purpose. It is applicable for areas with temperature as low as -45 centigrade.
  • Insulated Self Closing DoorThe only difference from the insulated hinged door is that the insulated self closing door can be closed by itself automatically. Additionally, it is designed a hydraulic cylinder to guarantee controlled closure.
  • Insulated Manual Sliding DoorOur insulated manual sliding door consists of a door leaf filled with an 80 to 150mm thick polyurethane foam. Widely used in places where temperature is as low as -45 centigrade, this insulated metal door could effectively prevent the freezing in the seal thanks to its specialized thermal bonding bar in the doorframe and doorsill.
  • Insulated Automatic Sliding DoorThe build-in electromagnetic clutch allows the sliding insulated door to be either electrically or manually operated. While reducing potential damages to automatic sliding doors, these designs also extend the service life of the electric motor and the motor reducer.
  • Insulated Swing DoorOur insulated swing door can be opened maximum 90 degrees in both directions, and closed by gravity.
    The insulated door is mainly composed of a 40mm thick polyurethane insulation core, and stainless steel door skins to enhance corrosion resistance. Due to this design, it is also called an insulated steel door.
  • Insulated Double DoorThe insulated double door is a double entry door with great thermal insulation performance. It can be used where a large opening is need while sliding doors can not be installed. Our insulated double doors are designed with exactly the same seal as our sliding insulated doors.

As a trusted structural insulated panels manufacturer and industrial door solutions provider, we supply products such as PU sandwich panel, rockwool sandwich panel, cold room doors, industrial air curtains, and more. Also available are loading dock equipment such as the dock shelter and dock leveler.

To provide the best products, we pay a lot of attention on the quality of raw materials. We also adopt advanced production lines from Italy and Germany. Additionally, all our insulated doors, insulated wall panels, insulated roof panels, etc. are manufactured under standards such as ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008 and GB/T28001:2001. Some of our structural insulated panels could offer fireproofing of grade B (GB 8624-2006).